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In Memoriam

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Remembering Gussie 

Gussie was notorious for his oft times naughty behaviour. Unfortunately, he passed over to be with his other departed cat friends some years ago now. However, when he was with us, he was ALWAYS in some kind of trouble!

Hubby was cleaning out the fireplace one evening, squatting down with handbrush and shovel and balancing precariously on his heels. Gussie decided to climb onto the mantelpiece above him. I was watching TV at the time, but a movement caught my eye, and I looked over just in time to see Gus, who looked straight at me (and I swear he smiled!), put his paw behind a medium sized vase of flowers, and begin to shift it towards the edge. That feat in itself deserved applause. I was frozen to my seat for a second or two, and when my legs did move it was too late. Just as Neil emerged from the interior of the fireplace, Gus gave a final shove...

Down came the vase, breaking over Neil's head and showering water and flowers all over a very startled, and not very amused man. I thought it was hysterical myself - he did not. BUT, Gussie obviously did. I tell you, he actually 'watched' the vase fall - anticipating the effects. If a cat can look proud of himself, he did that evening.

Here's to our Gussie and to his memory - he was a much loved, wonderful character.


To a special companion 

The dreaded phone call came at around 10-30pm that Bella had passed away. Cardiac arrest the report said. Bella was fine during the day of the 25th April 2010 but during the night began to labour with her breathing and had the occasional cough like she was trying to cough up a fur ball. By about 8.45pm on the 26th, enough was enough and I took her to the 24 hour emergency vet. It is well know that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels suffer heart problems and this defect had finally caught up with her according to the vet. I was told a stay overnight and a course of pills and drugs may stabiliser her and when she is better, increased dosage of medication will be her lot. However it could already be too late. He would ring me if there was any bad news otherwise come and pick her up in the morning. I came home deeply depressed.

Although we have 3 other dogs at the time of writing, the house and my heart feels empty. We lived for each other for almost 11 years. I remember when my son Craig said he was buying a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I had said, ‘What do you want to buy a stupid little dog like that for.' Little did I realise how much I would regret that statement...read more


Remembering Bubbles 

We lost our best friend 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Her name was Bubbles. She was a miniature (1.7kg) Chihuaha. The most wonderful thing is that she would have been 21 years old this coming 9th May 2010.

She was amazingly well and happy and only started to deteriorate in her final 2 weeks of life, and we were blessed that she just went naturally being loved at home.

We came to Melbourne nearly 8 years ago from the bush and I had Bubbles in the care of our vet from the time we arrived here. The love and expert care given by the clinic was the absolute best, but most of all the understanding that this animal you love is part of you, the same as your children or other close family member is what always impressed me. All my memories of Bubbles are wonderful because of that love and care.

I believe our little Bubbles may have been the oldest mini Chihuaha in the world. Our little girl was special in many ways but I would just like to share a moment or two with you.

I used to have a very old 1940's Club Lounge, the one with the big chunky arms with the cup holder built in. I also used to like Cream Sherry - and so did Bubbles. She would jump up one end and walk along the top back of the lounge, down the arm and pinch the sherry whenever I got up to do something. Quite obviously a nightly nip of alcohol didn't harm her health or life span!


In memory of Kuma 

Kuma was always taken to the Doggy Beach on a Saturday morning. He was a creature of habit. He would lie patiently near the kitchen table, while John had a cuppa or two and read the paper. If he felt John was taking too long, he would gently nudge John's arm with his nose.

If that did not work, he would get up on his back legs and use his front legs to try to push John out of the chair in the direction of the door.

Of course, when Jonh came home, Kuma promptly went and lay down and waited for his serve of bacon and eggs to be delivered to him. Kuma enjoyed this to be all chopped up into dainty little bite size pieces. He never stood to eat, preferring to lie with his front paws evenly spaced with just enough room for his bowl to be placed in front of him.

Ah, a dog's life!


My little man Zach 

He was a black and tan Maltese Shitzu, (more shit than zu), with the most expressive face I have ever seen on a dog.

Zach did all the usual doggy things; was our doorbell, told us it was time for a schmako (my husband always complied) and greeted us like we had been away for years.

Zach loved to be groomed, whether it was with a dog brush, paint brush, duster or hearth brush, just as long as he was being brushed.

When I think back I laugh at some of the mischief he would get up to. Getting into a devilish mood jumping from side to side in front of our other dog, barking, tormenting her, stopping her from getting in side; it reminded me of the antics of my children. When she got sick of it she would snap at him, he would jump back just out of reach, often banging into a wall or chair.

Sometimes he believed he could jump long distances, like from the couch to another chair, and miss, doing a face plant into the chair, looking around dazed with a ‘what just happened' look on his face. Who needs TV, Zach was the greatest source of entertainment.

After a long illness, for which a cause/diagnosis was not found, Zach passed away March 2009. I miss him terribly.


RIP Tiger 

I want to tell you about my cat, Tiger. She was my child and best friend. She knew when I was sick and when I was upset! In some ways she thought she was a dog -  she would go get her toy and bring it back to me. I got her when she was only 6 weeks old, I raised her and she lived for 16 years. She was always there for me and I can say that she saved my life. I will never forget her. At age 16 I had to put her down and that broke my heart but me she had cancer. I remember the day I had to put her down - it was if she was saying "mommy it's OK I'm in pain", so I went and got her favorite food and within an hour I told the vet to put her down and she died in my arms. I still cry to this day I'm sitting here now crying but she n a better place and she's not in pain any more.

I do have another cat, I call him BOBO but his name is Bojangles and he's my baby now but he can never take Tiger's place. So that is my story of my cat. RIP TIGER I MISS YOU SO MUCH !